Basic Tools

Invest in These Basic Lampworking Supplies

How many times have you wanted to learn a new hobby, but all the tools and equipment were a huge expense? Lampworking doesn’t have to be costly. Sometimes, less is more!

Basic Tools:

    • Torch- Can be an entry-level torch, such as a Hot Head or a more expensive standard bench torch, such as a Minor or Bobcat.
    • Propane Gas- You can use a BBQ tank with propane with any of the torches. But with a standard bench torch, you’ll also need oxygen, which you can use either tanked O2 or an oxygen concentrator. A concentrator is a better investment in the long run.
    • Mandrels– Are the thin, stainless steel rods you use to create the hole in the bead.
    • Glass– Generally, I talk about 104 COE, but you can use any type.
    • Bead Release– The thick coating you put on the mandrels so the beads don’t stick
    • Fiber Blanker or Kiln- This allows your beads to cool slowly. See my article on why annealing is important.
    • Didymium Shades-These will protect your eyes from flying glass shards and allow you to see through the soda flare.

Alternatively, you can get a bundle of beginning beadmaking items, just click the links below. If you have questions, please contact me.

Once you have all your supplies, you’re ready to start making beads! Read my beginner instructions on how to light your torch.

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