How Artists Get Their Groove Back

I have been creating glass beads and designing jewelry for almost 20 years! During that time, I’ve run into situations where I just don’t want to create the same thing or the designs I’m creating start all running together. I’m sure you know what I mean.

So what do you do to start those creative juices flowing again? Here are some tips.

Person looking boredJust Stop!

If you really don’t feel like creating, then don’t! Forcing yourself will just make any sort of creative thought run as far away as it can. Do something completely different, like read a book, watch a movie, or go for a walk. Just clear your mind. My niece takes daily naps and she’s in her 30’s! Life can be complicated, so taking it easy for a bit will allow you to relax and enjoy those special moments. I actually stopped making glass beads for a few years. I was working part time and training for triathlons and half marathons. So a lot of my free time was taken up by other things…and then I was tired too! So, unless you’re the bread winner of your family, then take some time off and relax. You’ll be surprised at the amount of creativity when you return.

Take a Class/Do Something New

Taking a class, whether it’s to improve the hobby you’re in or a completely different area, will allow your brain to concentrate on different tasks. Creativity seems to flourish when you’re outside of your comfort zone, so try playing an instrument, writing a poem. or just drawing. You never know what you may create when you do something new.

Distance Yourself

An interesting article in Scientific American illustrates that creativity is not only a characteristic of the individual, but may also change depending on the situation and context. In a study, social psychologists say that when we distance ourselves from the here and now by changing the way we think or our perspective on a certain situation, then we can actually increase our creativity. This “psychological distance” affects the way we think about objects. In their study, scientists asked participants to think of a corn plant. Then they asked them to describe the plant. Besides yellow kernels, green stalks, and living on farms, participants were also asked what the corn can be used for. Participants cited food, fuel, even corn mazes for kids! In short, think outside the box and distance yourself.

Collaborate with Another Artist

Collaborating and working with others allows your mind to think differently. According to Fresh, collaborating increases the chances of the ideas actually coming to fruition. And when those people who are working together see the idea, then they are more likely to work to get it done. Personally, I think this is because both people are excited about the prospects and their excitement feeds off the other person.

Find Inspiration in Other Areas

I love Pinterest! I didn’t get on Pinterest for years because I knew I could spend (or waste) hours on there looking at all the pretty things! I have dozens of different boards for my varying levels of creativity. I’ve got boards dedicated to cookies, lampwork beads, jewelry, clothing, color coordination, etc. All these things help create new ideas when I find myself at a loss. Besides looking online, go out for a walk, exercise, doodle, or just talk with someone you haven’t talked with recently. The main idea is to just relax!

Is there something that helps you get more creative? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

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