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I’m still relatively new to the blogging scene, but I’ve done a bit of research on how to get your beads and jewelry in front of people. To be perfectly blunt, it’s very difficult for me to promote myself, but I love promoting others’ work. So here’s what I’ve learned over the past few months!

First and foremost is that your beads and jewelry must on online. Tons of free platforms are online. One such place is Facebook. You can easily set up a page to post photos and information. Recently, however, FB has changed the way it shows posts. I won’t get into their algorithm, but FB is trying to get you to buy ads. If you’re in it for the long run, post every day and you’ll slowly see your followers increase.



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EtsyOpen an Etsy store. It’s quick and easy to set one up. The fees are relatively low and when people are looking for handmade items, Etsy is the number one site for handmade items and supplies.



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Instagram-  Set up an Instagram account. Instagram is a wonderful platform for photos. Be sure to understand how to use the #sign. One caveat is that Instagram is a portable platform and you must post things from your phone. 



Pin logoStart a Pinterest account and pin your Etsy listings and FB promotions. Also use Pinterest to promote the work of other artists by creating a board showing the work of many beadmakers.  Consider forming a group to promote each other’s work. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing sites on the Internet and is a wonderful resource for bead ideas! Just be careful; Pinterest can be addicting!


Join beadmaking and jewelry forums on Facebook and post at least a few times a week. Being active is another way to get your beads in front of people.

The rule is to have 90-percent of your postings as informational and 10-percent as your listings. Just remember it takes time to build your jewelry or bead business. But in this cyber age, just a few mouse clicks can have you visible to thousands of people from around the world! It really is a small world!

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