Fairies, Gnomes, and Imps

They Love Glass Beads

Fairy gardening is a miniature garden that invites gnomes, imps, and other magical beings to live. It has become very popular over the last five years. According to FairyGardening.com, the popularity sprang from bonsai dish gardens shown at the Japanese Pavilion at World’s Fair in Chicago.

Look online and in gardening catalogs and you’ll find fairy houses, plants, doors, and all sorts of accessories. The price tag for these items can be pretty hefty, considering they’re miniature. So I looked around at my bead stash and discovered there were plenty of ideas to make my own fairy garden accessories.


Glass light

My first project was to make a light for my gnomes. Because their hats flop down and get in the way of their eyes, gnomes need a lot of light in order to see. I made a shepherd’s hook at the end of an old, bent 1/16-inch mandrel for the light post. For the light, I used a bead made with a Carlo Dono bell flower press as the light fixture. Then I added an etched clear bead for the light. If you don’t have access to the press or aren’t good making a half-hollow bead, then you can easily use Lucite flower bead caps.



Glass mushrooms

To help decorate my gnome’s garden, I found some glass mushrooms I made. They’re easily made and can be decorated with flowers, vines, or grass. If you look closely at the photo, you can see the puckered bead holes. But these can be made at the end of an uncoated mandrel. Just make a cylinder for the mushroom stem and add a colorful cap at the end. As an added bonus, the mandrel can be stuck into the ground for security.




Gnome house with pathway

Besides decorating your garden, your fairies and gnomes will need paths to follow. I picked out some organic nugget beads I’d made and placed them at the door of one of my houses. This can serve as an open call of hospitality to all other gnomes and fairies. They like to congregate and feel like they’re welcomed. Decorating with greenery is fine and dandy, but magical beings love color and glass beads are the perfect fit. You can hang little birds or even flowers from greenery to brighten up the space.


 Holiday Decorating

Glass Penguins


My fairies love to decorate for the holidays. Since we don’t get much snow in southeast Texas, I helped the fairies by decorating with snowmen and penguins hiding in white rocks. Luckily, they didn’t throw snowballs at each other! Other ideas include making glass Easter eggs, Christmas trees, Valentine hearts, and pumpkins for decorating throughout the year.



Allow your imagination to run wild! If you start miniature gardening, you’ll enjoy making and adding glass decorations to them. Your gnomes and fairies will love them too!

Have you used your lampwork beads for other hobbies? If so, let me know!

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