Who am I and why should you read this blog about glass beadmaking?

I’ve been making lampwork beads since 2000 and I’ve accumulated a multitude of knowledge in all those years. I was ISGB regional director from 2005-2007 and a founding member of the Houston lampworking group the Hotties. I’ve written and edited hundreds of articles mainly for “Soda Lime Times” and “Artisan Jewelry Times” and worked as a freelancer for “The Flow Magazine.” I also wrote a neat piece about Tahitian pearls for “Bead & Button” magazine.

Why am I sharing all my knowledge on glass beads?

While I cleaning my studio, I dusted off 2 five-inch folders filled with class notes, photos, and tutorials! Obviously, this was before digital iPads, Kindles, and Nooks. I flipped through my notes and decided to digitize and categorize all the information to make it easier for me to find. My first thought was to scan in everything; then I thought of a private blog. But my parents taught me to share knowledge and help others. It was obvious, then, I decided to create a LeahBeads blog…to share, help, and beautify the world one bead at a time!

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