Lacy Soul Lampwork Tutorial Review

Lacy Soul Tutorial

Things You Should Consider

Lacy Soul is an intermediate/advanced lampworking tutorial created by Elena Hernberg. She’s an accomplished lampworker from Russia. Besides creating intricate beads, Elena also makes Lacy Soul Pink Focalbeautiful murrini, which you can also buy.

Please note: I purchase these tutorials so you, my reader, can receive an unbiased review. These tutorials, supplies, and tools are not given to me. I believe that’s the way reviews should be…honest and reliable.

I wrote to Elena to let her know I was writing a review. She told me that she started lampworking just eight years ago! Her daughter, Olga Alyanova, is also a lampworker. Elena started the St. Petersburg School of Lampwork . She says her main interests are developing new techniques and that she loves discovering new styles with glass.

Purchasing the Tutorial

I easily downloaded the tutorial from Elena’s Etsy store. I set to work reading the directions, as you should always do before attempting to make a complicated bead! 🙂 Upon reading her instructions, I had questions concerning the directions. She speaks Russian and had an editor, but I had difficulty understanding. I almost emailed her to ask, but decided to watch the video, which accompanies the written tutorial. I’m glad I did. The video is excellent and has English subtitles. As an added bonus, Elena offers a second video on how to incorporate murrini into beads. You can see it here. Turn on subtitles, unless you know Russian. 🙂

Watching the Video

After watching the video and transferring the tutorial to take with me to my studio, I set off to pull together my tools and supplies. Although this is a complex tutorial, Elena uses tools and glass that any lampworker would have. Her tutorial is amazing in that she uses simple techniques in a complex way and creates an intricate, unique bead. I love the fact that you need only opaque and transparent colors for this style. It definitely keeps the expenses down by not having to use expensive silver glass or having to buy unusual tools or supplies.

I created my base bead, like she suggests, but my bead was a tad bigger. That was my first mistake. You need to keep the base bead on the smaller side because you will be adding lots of glass. As you can see from Elena’s photo, you’ll be adding dots to the bead.Lacy Soul Dot Bead..lots of dots! And then lots of clear glass.

Learning Different Techniques

One of my favorite aspects of this tutorial is that Elena encases the bead and explains to encase without smearing the design. I am one of those beadmakers who tend to smudge her designs, so I was a bit concerned about encasing. Elena’s directions were spot-on. I created my encasement without smearing the underlying design!

I also like the fact that Elena offers different ways to change the look of the bead.

Unfortunately, my bead did not turn out as beautiful as Elena’s. I’m almost embarrassed to show my first bead, but I will continue to improve.

And isn’t that what tutorials are for? To increase your knowledge and allow you to improve in new and various ways?

I did learn some wonderful things from her tutorial, including:Lacy Soul Bead by Leah

1.) Improving encasement over a design

2.) How to bloom a flower murrini

3.) Using simple design elements to create complex beads


Even though I don’t make these types of beads, I feel I got my money’s worth. Knowledge is priceless!

What do you think? Have you taken someone’s technique and turned it into your style?



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    • If you create that style bead, I think you would love the tutorial. As I said, it’s generally not my style, but I did learn from the tutorial and have applied some of the techniques to my beads. If you buy it, let me know what you think! Thanks for taking the time to write!

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